Robotic Demolition and Excavation

Robotic Demolition and Excavation for Safer and More Efficient Jobs

Remote-controlled demolition and excavation robots provide safer, faster, and more efficient projects. All electric-powered machines (no fumes and very low noise) make your interior projects safer and more efficient than ever before. Able to fit through standard doorways and climb stairs, their power and productivity can be utilized in places never imagined. Reach out to us to learn more about the benefits of robotic excavation in Colorado and Wyoming, as well as robotic demolition.

Tools that Make the Job Faster and Easier

A wide variety of tools enables these machines to perform many tasks that would otherwise require extensive manual labor and much more time on the job, including:

  • Breakers and Hammers for Traditional Breaking
  • Crushers for Quieter and Smoother Breaking
  • Shears for Demolishing Structures, Piping, Tanks, etc.
  • Grapples for the Removal and Handling of Materials
  • Buckets for Digging

And many more job-specific tools designed to make your project safer and more productive than ever.