Exterior Services

Exterior Sawing Services to Boost Productivity

Improve productivity with exterior sawing services in Colorado and Wyoming. Russ T. Diamonds, Inc. provides flat, road, and slab sawing, as well as track and wall sawing, to help give your projects a productivity boost.

Flat, Road, and Slab Sawing

Flat sawing is the cutting of horizontal surfaces, typically city streets, highways, warehouse floors – virtually any flat surface. Russ T. Diamonds, Inc. has a fleet of self-propelled, high-powered diesel cutting machines that make your cutting project more efficient while at the same time providing a higher level of safety.

Working on streets, highways, etc., is at times a dangerous situation. By providing high-powered machines and highly skilled machine operators, we can get on and off the road in less time, and less time on the road equals fewer chances for accidents involving traffic. This also saves money for the project; the quicker the saw gets the cutting done, the faster the next crews can get in and start doing their work, thus giving a much better opportunity for completing all required work within the time constraints of a road closure or the designated work hours.

Track and Wall Sawing

Wall sawing, or track sawing, is a versatile method of cutting where a powerful yet small saw head is mounted onto a track. The track is bolted to a wall, floor, or an incline/decline, and can even be mounted upside down or underwater, etc.

Once the track is properly secured and aligned to the cut line, the saw head is installed onto the track and connected to a power unit. When activated, the saw head travels up and down the track making cuts to various depths, providing a very straight line of cut.

Russ T. Diamonds, Inc. and our highly skilled wall saw teams are equipped with the tools to tackle any project. Remote-controlled operation of these saws increases the safety of the workers and the job site, so we’re also able to provide an unmatched level of productivity while making it appear very easy. High production with the highest level of safety is what we provide.

Russ T. Diamonds, Inc. is the only concrete sawing company you will ever need. We can make cuts, from one side to depths exceeding 3’, which can be used in many difficult or limited access areas, as well as limited ventilation areas. Bank vaults, underground bomb shelters, missile silos, prison walls, and sensitive military installations: it is all butter to Russ T. Diamonds, Inc.

Additional Services:

  • Diamond Chain and Hand Sawing
  • Wire Sawing
  • Core Drilling